We gather data and develop tools for campaigns and advocacy organizations to engage immigrant voters.

A New Era of Voter Engagement

Since 2000, the size of the immigrant electorate has nearly doubled to 23.2 million – exponential growth from just 6.2 percent in the 2000 presidential election.

We believe that most campaigns and advocacy groups are operating their campaigns as if it is 2000. The strategic focus must be on immigrant voters that are growing exponentially.

Beyond Texas and Florida, all key battleground states — Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Ohio — have sizable eligible immigrant voters.

Our mission is to provide tools to help campaigns and organizations effectively reach immigrant voters across the United States.

Interactive Map and Strategic Analysis

We create interactive maps layered with information about immigrant voters in a particular district or state. Along with the map, we offer an analysis of immigrant voters in a particular voting district to help campaigns and organizations develop a strategy.


We support your staff with ongoing training on the tools that we create and plans that we develop with you.


We work with campaigns and organizations to help develop field and outreach plans focused on immigrant voters.

We have developed a detailed interactive map of immigrant voters in battleground states. This tool will help campaigns and organizations better understand and engage immigrant voters.

We passionately believe in American democracy. We also recognize how quickly America is changing demographically. We have an opportunity to reach immigrant voters or new citizens, breaking traditional barriers as we go forward.